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  • 424 Salt brings the world’s highest-quality salt to your table, with a novel twist— unique and popular flavours that will enrich any recipe.

    As the name states, this salt comes from the Dead Sea, 424 metres below sea level , the lowest point on earth. It is the most unique body of water in the world making it one of the 10 wonders of the world.

  • 424 has the richest mineral content of any salt in existence while being naturally lower in sodium than regular table salt. It is also rich in 21 minerals; these minerals are 10 times more concentrated than in regular table salt. In fact it has the highest amount of magnesium than any other salt!
  • 424 Salt is ECO friendly, and harvested using traditional, sustainable methods.

    It is 100% natural without chemicals or additives, and is packaged in quality glass grinders, without refining or heating.

  • The Dead Sea region is characterised by extreme heat and dry clean air, plenty of sunshine, and little precipitation. The natural salt is collected in the traditional way and dried for use with an ancient method that preserves its qualities and benefits, creating distinct flavours that will enhance any recipe.
  • Salt 424 is blended with a range of the highest quality herbs and spices to create an element of adventure in every meal, while naturally replenishing important minerals your body needs.

    The Dead Sea could easily be called the sea of life! Because 424 Salt is high in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium manganese and zinc, there really isn’t a better choice!

  • So please check out all the ranges available – The Platinum Series, Organic Series, Natural Series, Low-Sodium Series and our mini sets.

    Not Just Salt Pty Ltd is proudly the sole distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand

    For 424 Below Sea Level gourmet table salts.

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